5 Fun Facts About Sports Betting

Sports betting has become a major pastime for players in all corners of the world. From the US to Australia and everywhere in between, you can now choose from thousands of events to place bets on and let the professionals decide who the winner is.

Not only is sports betting incredibly fun and entertaining, but this pastime also has a very colorful identity. Here are 5 fun facts about sports betting you need to know.

Sports Betting Has an Old, Mysterious History

The first thing you should know about sports betting is that some experts believe it’s an ancient pastime. Some of the current bookmaking companies were founded in the 1930s, but betting on the outcome of events like chariot races and gladiator battles was a common practice in Ancient Rome.

The US Sports Betting Industry is Worth Around $150 BIllion

In the US alone, the sports betting industry is worth around 150 million dollars. The US population places most of its bets on basketball and American football, including college and well as professional events.

With a Single Bet, You Can Earn Thousands

Remember the Leicester City fan who earned close to $200,000 on 5,000-1 odds? He’s a great example of how much money you can make if you place a single bet right. Sports betting allows you to earn thousands of dollars with one single bet. Looking to support the underdog in your next favorite sports event? Place a bet and find out how lucky you really are!

Sports Betting Goes Beyond the Games and Events

Before they start gambling, many players don’t know that you can bet on sports-related outcomes, without having to choose a specific event or game. For example, you can bet on who you think will win the scoring title or best player award for a specific league.

Almost a Quarter of All Sports Bets Occur In-Game

The beauty of sports betting is that you can place bets even after the game or event has started. As a matter of fact, about 25% of all sports bets occur after the event has started.

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